Got Honorable Mention in YANS 2019

I got an honorable mention in [YANS 2019](

Got CEO special award in the second half of FY2019 at Gunosy

I got a CEO special award at Gunosy. The details if written in [this article]( in Japanese.

Got Student Honorable Mention in IPSJ 2019

I got an student honorable mention in [IPSJ 2019](

Got 1st prize of hackU Hosei 2018

I got an 1st prize of [HackU Hosei 2018]( creating ChashBox with [Cpaw]( members

Got Student Award at FR FRONTIER

I got student award at FR FRONTIER: Classification of FR FRONTIER: Classification of color of clothes in fashion images sponsored by [opt DSL DeepAnalysis](