Recent Issues in Intelligent Robotics, Machine Learning, and Distributed System


In this presentation, I will give an overview of the various works based on deep learning in our Iyatomi’s lab, and especially introduce my research on natural language processing (NLP). Today, deep learning is a fundamental technology that attracts a great deal of attention and has become a keystone of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This technology has demonstrated many outstanding achievements in a variety of tasks. In our lab, for example, we have published various achievements in automatic plant disease diagnosis, cancer diagnosis, content-based image retrieval from brain MRI, cybersecurity, as well as NLP is no exception. NLP is one of a field of AI that gives the machines the ability to read, understand and derive meaning from human languages, and deep learning models have provided excellent performance in this field as well. However, the models generally become a black box that is difficult to interpret for prediction from a human perspective. This presentation will introduce some techniques and models used to interpret the model predictions I am working on, from both basic and applied research aspects.

Mar 17, 2021 6:45 PM — 7:55 PM
The 1st Univ. Carthage – Hosei International Joint Webinar with honorable support by the Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia in Japan
Shunsuke Kitada, Ph.D.
Shunsuke Kitada, Ph.D.
Research Scientist working on Vision & Language with Deep Learning

My research interests include deep learning-based natural language processing, computer vision, medical image processing, and computational advertising.