Recent & Upcoming Talks

Recent Issues in Intelligent Robotics, Machine Learning, and Distributed System

This webinar introduces advanced research projects on intelligent robotics, Machine Learning and Distributed System under the joint auspices of the engineering faculties of University of Carthage and Hosei University, IIST: Institute of Integrated Science and Technology, to promote international research and educational collaboration among their affiliated schools.

The Present and Future of Machine Learning for Ad Creatives

In this talk, I will introduce my research topic: the framework of ad creative evaluation based on CVR prediction to support the creation of effective ad creative. Also, I will introduce several research topics related to the latest ad technology and discuss the current status and prospects achieved by the research on ad creative and machine learning techniques.

Text Analytics Symposium 2019

This talk introduces a case study of research and development internship at Gunosy Inc.

CCSE 2019

On Predicting Ad Creative Evaluation using Deep Learning

ICML/KDD 2019 Pre-conference session