Undergraduate student at Hosei University

Dept. of Applied Informatics Faculty of Science and Engineering • Apr, 2014 — Present


Gunosy Inc.

Part-time job at Dept. of Data Analysis • Mar, 2017 — Present

  • Improving article distribution logic
  • KPI analysis and visualization for service improvement


Part-time job • Feb, 2016 — Present

Dealing with large patent data; preprocessing, crawling, scraping, etc.

Works Applications Inc.

Internship • Aug 2015

Planning and implementation of Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) packages.



Japanese (native), English (little bit)

Programming language

Python (scikit-learn, pandas, chainer, keras, django), C/C++, HTML/CSS


  • 北田俊輔, 彌冨仁, "Character-level Convolutional Neural NetworksにおけるWildcard Trainingの基礎検討", NLP 若手の会 (YANS) 第 12 回シンポジウム, 2017.

  • 北田俊輔, 彌冨仁, "CE-CLCNN: Character Encoderを用いたCharacter-level Convolutional Neural Networksによるテキスト分類", 言語処理学会第24回年次大会, 2018.


Special award of FR FRONTIER: Classification of "color" of clothes in fashion images

opt DSL DeepAnalysis • Sep, 2017

Got student award using state of the art deep models.


Maintainer • 2017 — Present

Survey of previous research and related works on machine learning (especially Deep Learning) in Japanese.

Maintainer • 2016

Scraper for TED Talks in Python. Get talk title, transcript, talk topics and so on.

Maintainer • 2017

Implementation of Center Loss in Chainer

Maintainer • 2018

Implementation of IMSAT in Chainer


CPAW: Caramel Programing Affect the World

Member • 2017 — Present

Hosei University Faculty of Engineering Soft tennis club

Member & Website maintainer • 2016 — 2018


Member • 2016 — Present

Outside Interests

  • Deep Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Image processing
  • Soft Tennis
  • Read state of the art papers